What’s a typical day for a writer?


A typical day for me has me bouncing back between projects. I’ll usually spend the first 20 minutes of the morning doing laundry, dishes, eating breakfast, etc. before settling in to check emails. Once all my emails are responded to, I’ll begin work on editing a magazine, writing articles for a PR client, or contacting advertising clients to work on their ad copy. When a magazine (that I edit) gets close to deadline, I often find that much of my day is spent “managing” rather that writing. That is, shuffling emails back and forth between clients and designers, keeping the publisher up to date, trying to fill last-minute holes, etc. I rarely have a “slow” day, but when I do I try to work on my Web sites…and now, my blog.

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  1. Wow – you have such a full day. You seem to have become skilled enough to be very versatile in your role.How did you start out in this business? What kind of jobs did you get your experience on?

    I am just starting out and really losing momentum at the moment.

  2. Hey! Thanks for writing. My first official question on my new blog!
    First, let me tell you that I have a degree in Psychology, not English. But I’ve always loved to write and my first published piece was a poem I wrote when I was 16. My dad sent it to a magazine and it got published. I was hooked!
    When I moved to Colorado about 15 years ago, I wrote to every publication I could find in the phone book (magazines, newspapers, etc.) and offered to write the first piece for free. I explained that if they liked my writing, great. If not, they didn’t need to run it. Either way, the first piece didn’t cost anything. Within 6 months I had written for about 15 publications and ended up getting a lot of regular (paying) gigs. Then I got The Writer’s Market and really started submitting queries, articles, stories, greeting cards, etc. pretty heavily. I did this all while I had a full-time job as a receptionist. Eventually, I started teaching a class called, “Breaking Into Freelance Writing” and got two book deals. One of the publications I wrote for asked me to be an editor. I had ZERO experience as an editor but the publisher said my writing was so “clean” that she figured I’d be good at it. So, I did that for several years and then finally quit to freelance full time.
    What kind of stuff do you write? Are you familiar with freelancedaily.org?

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