marketing your book


Yesterday I finished my “Amazon Spike Day” letter, which I’ll be emailing in order to encourage friends, family and fellow writers to buy my book on December 1.


Why Dec. 1? Because the book is scheduled to hit Writer’s Digest’s warehouse on Dec. 5. By doing an Amazon spike early:

1) I increase the chances of getting bookstores to order extra copies because there were so many pre-orders (high demand before the book even comes out)

2) I increase the chances of Amazon recommending my book to customers who are buying similar books. “If you like X, you might also like Y.”

My good friend Christina Katz had an excellent response from her Amazon spike day so I figure why not?

I’ll have to keep you posted…after Dec. 1!z2703c_query

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  1. I have written a book which is about 117 pages long (8.5 x 11), however, I don’t have the resources or funds to seek out professional packaging. What would you suggests? In addition, what would you suggests in the area of CD audio books and how to go about it as well.


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