Detailed interview on query letters!


On Friday, May 8 Victoria Mixon will host her interview with me on her blog, 

The focus is mostly on fiction query letters, but feel free to stop by and ask questions on anything related to queries (magazines, nonfiction books, proposals, etc.)

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  1. Dear Wendy,

    I feel comfortable using your first name since I’m at a website which invited me to….Ask Wendy…

    I bought your book, Guide to Query Letters. I let it sit on a table near my bed, for a whole week. See, that’s because the front cover has that scary word on it. You know the one. Starts with Q.

    I have a cold today, and stayed in bed all morning, bored. Okay, I picked up the book, broke its spine correctly, and then really read your name, which didn’t help. My dentist is Kurt Thomas. (No one loves their dentist even when he is a very good friend.) I opened your book and began reading. Oh yes, there is really good information in there, very helpful stuff and when I get up enough nerve in a dozen years, should I still be alive (I’m probably older than your grandmother, if you have a grandmother)and while I suspect such a delay is a disappointment to you, I truly doubt that there is anyone who will read this book and cry Yippee! Let’s write a Query! Even with all that help, the very word is daunting, as you know. You do help to reduce its daunt, even if only a little.

    But what I didn’t expect was to find myself chuckling. And then laughing out loud. You really are a funny girl. What you have done is to make those folks on the receiving end of well and not-so-well written queries become real flesh and blood people with schedules and deadlines and families and writing and lives of their own. No one is sitting at some desk looking at their calendar, watch, wall, wondering just when Barbarann will get to it and grace them with her query for acceptance into this wild and crazy world. Well. That certainly disappoints me; I had such high hopes! But the big thing you do is to make those people less scary and more approachable. Not exactly like my daughter or my sister, but someone with skin on, whose job it is to find worthy stuff to publish, that others will want to read and find useful.

    I have such a thing, I’m sure of it, but I’m a newbie and will stay that way for some time yet. No clips; I’m lucky I have a keyboard right next to my trepidation!

    I am in the good hands and kind graces of Sheila Bender of Writing It Real, who is sheperding me more like a hawk instead of a shepherdess,…she might be a shepherdess with spurs.. minding my p’s and q’s, literally, and suggesting volumes of the writings of other people who do have a passing acquaintance with publishers, and among the titles, there was your Query handbook.

    Thank you for it, Wendy, and for your ability to make me laugh, for showing me there is great humor to be found in this subject that scares the wits out of new writers. (No, I have no trouble telling you I’m new. That’s because I’m not asking you to publish anything)

  2. Barbarann,
    No doubt, one of the best notes I’ve ever received! I’ve forwarded your email to several other people because the writing itself is just wonderful. I can say with great certainty that you have nothing to worry about when it comes to writing query letters. If you can write a query letter that is half as entertaining as your note to me, I will soon be writing YOU a note singing the praises of your book.

    I hope you’re feeling better, though I do owe that cold a “thank you” I suppose!

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