10 QUESTIONS FOR…Gary Spinell, author of “It Was YOU, All Along”


Author interview with Gary Spinellcover_proofJune022008Bio

1. Tell us about your latest book. 

Many people have heard and written about the law of attraction, yet millions of people still have difficulty incorporating the concepts into their daily lives. My book, It Was YOU, All Along, goes a step beyond the law of attraction by providing the reader with the necessary unique balance of practical and spiritual information and insight to truly have everyone create their own reality as desired.  The reader learns how to uncover the beliefs and actions that are holding them back from success.

2. How did you get started as a writer? 

The hard way, I just started…..by nature I am analytical and a numbers person, so writing never was my strong suit.  But as I helped create, great instructors came in to my life at the right time to help improve my writing style.

3. What does a typical day look like for you?  

Well, I have a day job so that gets a lot of attention, and then I write at night, on weekends, on airplanes – especially airplanes – there I am a captive audience then.  I wrote most of my book on airplanes.

4. Describe your desk/workspace. 

I am one of those people who make notes of thoughts for my book. I carry around a pad and pen just to be sure I capture a thought when I have it.  My desk usually has small piles of articles and important papers, and I do know which pile something is in when I search for it.  I am not the greatest filer.

5. Favorite books (especially for writers)  

I like books that help motivate, like what Tony Robbins, or Deepak Chopra writes.  I have to say that my book does that too. 

6. Tell us 3 interesting/crazy things about you. 

I earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, read tarot cards, and am a financial professional by trade – now how is that for an unusual combination?       I have 2 dogs and 4 cats, and my wife and I are planning to add horses and more dogs and cats to the family.  

7. Favorite quote  “Even if you are on the right track you will get run over if you just sit there” – Will Rogers

8. Best and worst part of being a writer?  

Creating something you believe can impact lives. 

Editing is definitely difficult and time consuming. 

9. Advice for other writers?

Just start.  Create it your way, yet take advice where ever you can find it.  Don’t expect perfection, as you will find it will never be perfect.  You could keep editing it for the next 10 years. 

10. Tell us a story about your writing experience.

As I mentioned, I am not the greatest writer.  Once I began writing the book, I knew I would need some help, not that I am a bad writer, just to be sure it grammatically it all flowed, etc.  Well I end up landing a job in my normal profession and I end up having to do a lot of writing for public communication in the job, AND when I got there my company had hired a consultant for me to work with whose prior experience was being an English teacher!!!!!  Sometimes you just can make this stuff up!  She obviously helped me a great deal.

Where can people buy your book?

Go to www.youallalong.com , or Amazon, and watch the book video trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WB3xCtjR2vE


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