FREE science fiction, fantasy and dark fantasy contest


17,000 words max; NO entry fee; prizes $1,000, $750 and $500 each quarter plus yearly grand prize winner gets $5,000

There is a contest every quarter. Current contest is still open. Next quarter starts July 1. The year end judging is Sept. 30

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  2. Science Ficton Manuscript complete…
    TITLE: BOOK OF THE TERRACKEN, 140,000 words. Dbsp/spell&grammar/ clean layout/strong charicters/stable timelines/beleavable commuications between charicters/worked on for 5 yr’s…
    My question is… where do I go with this without getting blown off?

  3. William,
    Most of the large publishing houses won’t even look at unagented manuscripts nowadays. As I see it, you have two options:
    1. Find an agent who represents this genre and can shop you at the big publishers
    2. Turn it into an ebook (via Smashwords or something) and sell it on Kindle and Nook. More authors are started to make money on ebooks than print books now. My dad gets something like $6/ebook vs. $1 per print book.

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