FREE fiction and poetry contest with $500 prize each


Sept. 15 deadline; $500 cash each; fiction is 7,500 words max;FREE to enter

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  1. Written Wednesday, January 07, 2009
    Don’t sell ur soul!
    Things that used to matter, matter no more,
    Sex, fun, games, material gain went out my door,
    I am on a mission, my soul has found a new way,
    the things that are important to me will be shown how I live each day.
    There are so many more less fortunate than me,
    Count my blessings each day n never chase money.
    That shit just comes, maybe cuz I don’t care that it’s there,
    The only reason I’d want it is so that I could share.
    Share with people less fortunate than me,
    cuz money alone will never make me happy.
    I don’t understand the words”I’m on a paper chase”,
    All while the end is iminant of the human race.
    Yall brother’s n sisters take a good look at your soul,
    before it’s to late, your hearts already cold.
    It’s like your already dead, by the way you choose to live,
    Look at this world, stop taking lives and give.
    If you have no sensitivity to wut I say, honey it’s too late,
    worshiping money or the devil became your fate.
    You already sold your soul, I’m sorry 2 say,
    so keep on worrying about your bling bling,
    In hell, it will all burn and you won’t have a thing.
    When someone says they need you, don’t turn them away,
    cuz you never know when you might need your own help someday.
    Forget money and cars, gold and nice things,
    who care’s about the name on your back, “oh wow it’s Coogi’.
    Change is hard, but see the old way won’t get you far,
    give from your soul, n show God you have a heart.
    You can say he ain’t real and that you don’t believe,
    But when you go to hell, yo poor spirit’s gonna freeze.
    I feel sorry for people that can live with themseves by selling crack,
    don’t you realize you are taking clothes off poor childrens backs?
    How can you prosper off the pain and desparation of others?
    To get that balla status, you’d probably sell a dime 2 your own mutha.
    I ain’t got no words for you people anymore,
    so don’t try n holla, I see the devil already entered your door.
    Got no respect for people who call it a game,
    All that comes from it, is a bunch of pain and shame.
    They say that evil prospers, I say maybe here.
    But in eternity your soul will perish and you will be the one living in fear.
    So good luck “paper chasin”, hope you enjoy your gain,
    I just hope as u prosper, u don’t cause others pain.
    A good deed will not cancel the evil that is done,
    Unless it all is stopped, u repent and give your soul to his son.
    God too has a plan for your life, he’ll show u if u let him,
    let him in your heart and neva forget him.

  2. why is he being missed
    why is she filled with biss
    why is he acting like this
    why is waiting on a kiss

    why is he never alone
    why is she waiting by the phone
    why is he treating her like a token
    why is she heart broken

    why does he drool
    why is she with this fool
    why is he rasing his tone
    why can’t they just get along

    because people been asking people been wondering
    why is it always thundering
    over they house
    and why the husband keeps leaving the spouse

    to go away
    but she keeps begging him to stay
    till the end
    but he don’t think he can bend

    so they argue forever
    until he pulls a lever
    to finally seperate the two
    even though she had the blues

  3. Hi Molly,
    I tried to email you but your mailbox is full.
    Just wanted to clarify that I don’t run or sponsor any of the contests on my site. I just post contests that I find on the Web as a courtesy to my readers.

    So, you’ll have to enter each contest directly through the link I post for each.

    Just didn’t want you to miss your chance to enter contests!

  4. Please contact me reguarding a new poetry contest fr 2010.
    Blesssings Peace & Love.

  5. Please contact me via email reguarding new poetr contest for 2010. Thank ou in advance.

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