FREE poetry card contest with cash prizes


Blue Mountain Arts; FREE to enter; June 30 deadline: prizes $300, $150, $50

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  1. is love true. is love family that rised you. or is it a man or women who is holding your heart. is it the baby your rising. love is like a star. everyone love stars. it is bright and sparkle and it the lovely thing that guides you through the night. that faces you to the right path to follow through your life. it is a word that everyone thinks they nows. but really hates it. a word you say to show you that you care for someone. love is a word that suupposely means everything to people. love is something that you feel in your heart that makes a smile on your face

  2. Rose,
    I tried to email you but your email is bouncing back. You have to send your entry to the contest, which is run by Blue Mountain Arts, rather than posting it on my blog. I don’t run or sponsor any of the contests. I just post them on my blog for my readers.

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