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  1. This was a fuckin tragedy
    Lost so much
    And gained so little
    Looking for love
    in all the wrong places
    Gave up so much
    And gained so little
    ’08 was suppose to be our year
    But than he left
    And I was tears
    For he was the one I kept so dear
    And though I thought all was lost
    Three came in
    All with open arms
    They felt so right
    Were so right
    But my heart was lost
    Too lost to be found
    though they tried
    The love was gone
    The caring,
    Sweet open hearted woman was gone
    She was a prisoner of his love
    And for that she was chained by his words
    Felt suffocated by his lies
    And had hate, for he was the one
    The only one she thought she could see by her side
    Spend all her time with
    Live the rest of her life with
    And for this she never saw the wrong in what he did
    And for this she never thought he could do her like this
    And for this she allowed him to mistreat her like he did
    Abuse her like she wasn’t worth shit
    And now all she can say is
    I hate this bitch
    Fuck this bitch
    Imma cut this bitch
    But I still love this bitch
    I wish I could have that one last kiss
    How I wish he could hold me like he once did
    How I wish he could hit it once more cuz that always was the shit
    I wish love can come back my way

  2. Omg I fell madly in love with this poem because this is exactly what I have been going through. You took the words right out of my mouth in such a way which I love.. poetry. A story of a woman who falls for a guy that once loved her but left her all alone waiting and wanting to be in the arms of someone she knew herself was her poison.

  3. Only Love

    Love can sometimes be fresh.
    Love can sometimes be new.
    Love can sometimes make you happy.
    And sometimes make you blue.

    Love is the light that radiates from your eyes.
    Love is your image floating in the skies.

    Love is true.
    And darling, the only love for me is you.

  4. Our Love

    As long as there is love, I will cherish you.

    As long as there is life, I will love you.

    As long as the stars shine above, I will want you.

    As long as there are waves in the ocean, I will need you.

    As long as there is heaven above, there will always be our love.

  5. The Night Was Made For Romance

    The night was made for romance.
    In the night our two hearts dance.
    Under the stars our lips touch.
    In the garden your embrace means so much.

    The night was made for love.
    Our hearts cooing like a white dove.
    Your eyes sparkling like diamonds so white.
    I love you darling with all my might.

    The night was made for caring and trust.
    And darling, God made this night for us.

  6. Angels are everywhere even if its in your dreams
    On your toughest days just look up
    Or close your eyes
    Your sure to hear or see your angel

    Some angels are in heaven waiting for
    Someone to call for help
    Others are here on earth
    Some people have one angel and others have more

    I have two angels in my life
    One in heaven
    One with me
    I love my angel thats with me
    He is very special to a lot of people

    He is always happy even when he is sick
    He’s very energetic and loving
    Everyone that meets him adores him
    Very glad he is with me

    The angel in heaven looking down on me
    Well he’s my grandfather
    He was a great man here on earth
    Everyone misses him his smile, laughter, and sarcasm

    God needed his angel back
    To help others in need
    I cry just writing this down

    When I need him I just close my eyes and I see his image
    Even if it’s just to say I love you
    And miss you always
    This angel will be in are hearts for always

  7. Pretty Girl

    They love me for the red, fullness, and curve of my lips.
    They would love to pass their hands at the curves of my hips.

    They would like to stay strong
    in the firm of my thighs,
    It’s okay, wishing is nothing wrong,
    but their wishes only stay high.

    They love me for the clearness of my skin.
    They wish I would be their porcelain doll and fall straight in their arms.

    The pace of my steps makes them go crazy,
    and they say my waist is amazing.

    And when I’m walking and turn my head slightly their eyes just start wandering.

    They like the ride of my booty,
    The roundness of it.
    And they start getting moody,
    when they know they can’t have it.

    They roll their fist,
    as they smell my mist,
    thinking if they should or they shouldn’t
    not doubting that I’m the one.

    They start dreaming of the arc of my back.
    They say my long legs are the most beautiful.
    And then their hearts start pounding more fast.
    And they shout that I’m the most wonderful.

    They love my fashion.
    They adore my smile.
    They love me with passion.
    But their dreams just stay higher.

    My shoulders are as straight as can be.
    They say that my style suits me well,
    And my cloth couldn’t fit me any better.

    They love my feet.
    They say that they would love to be the ones to do my pedicure.
    They get the flu, they can’t resist.
    They say I have the cure.

    The waves in my hair fly in the air,
    and when the aroma catches their noses they jump in despair.

    They love the white in my teeth.
    The size of my breasts.
    They say that for me they would make a feast,
    Because no one like me is as best.

  8. My Love

    My love sails on blue waters.
    Blue waters of your heart.
    My love dances on the wind.
    The wind of your soul.

    My love is a true reflection.
    Reflection of your eyes.
    My love will live forever.
    In your body and soul.

  9. Your Love

    Your love is like diamonds.
    That sparkle in the night.
    Your love is like the stars.
    That shine so bright.

    Your love is like the wind.
    That feels so cool.
    Your love is like icecream.
    That tastes so smooth.

    Your love is like the sky.
    That is so blue.
    Your love is like a bright sunny day.
    That makes the world seem new.

  10. You all need to chill out
    cos this shits gonna spill out
    all over the pages
    gonna b my trips and rages
    so stop with the downward spiral
    you need to go like fival
    and have a little rest

    FOR ALL THE CHILDREN WHOSE PARENTS put there significant other before there kidz
    And FOR ALL THE CHILDREN WHOSE PARENTS WHO just decided that they no longer wanted to be parents anymore this ONE GOSE OUT TO YOU
    Because I know your HURT, RAGE, and ANGER too!

    At first you act like it doesn’t bother you so
    But somehow the pain latches on and the depression doesn’t want to let go
    And no matter how much words you tell yourself the anger never really goes away
    And Prozac or Zoloft won’t make that hole in your heart close up some day
    Because me I will kill myself all over again and yet I would die for you
    I wish you could open up your eyes and see all the shit that you have put me through
    Because I didn’t ask to be here and yet it seems
    That my life was taken away and my mother was replaced be a crack fiend
    The longingness to be held the feelings of incomplete
    Who’s laughing now, now that your 13 year old son aint got no place to sleep?
    Aint got no food to eat
    Aint got no shoes on his feet
    Aint got, aint got the teacher asks me what type of English are you using?
    Well right about now I could care less about school when my stomach is achen sold for the drugs that my mother is using
    You see she left us and went on her own behalf
    And all I could remember is how the neighborhood kids would stare, point, and laugh
    Close my eyes cause I don’t want the world to see
    The hate, rage, and anger that lives deep inside of me

    14 years old and I had to give up a piece of ass for a place to sleep
    And it’s a crying shame the way crack whore makes promises they know they can’t keep
    15 years old and I had to get out there and live on my own
    It’s a true pity of having a place to stay yet and still I can’t call it my home
    For we are the children of the night and our voices have yet to be heard
    Were the ones with the shattered dreams and unspoken words?
    Somebody tell me where was my pot to piss in and my window to throw it out
    Where was the love the day my mother decided that you know what Uneek “YOU GOTTA GET OUT”
    Get out, Get Out now the government has to pay someone to do your job
    and you sit and wonder why my life was so hard
    I lived the life of a child who was raped
    And child that everyone loved but one in which NO ONE would take
    I had no father but I had a lot of wannabe’s
    No mother yet she was always sitting right in front of me

    HOLD UP whatever happen to giving a child love, respect, and a good home
    Because when you do that same beauty will manifest itself and spring fourth a better creation
    And this part goes out to all the parents who put there significant other, DRUGS, SEX, or CLUBBING before their children you unsung heroes marked by travesty and graves
    If you didn’t want to be a real parent you should have zip up your dicks and closed you’re fucking legs
    We needed your love and so much more
    If you didn’t want to take care of us you shouldn’t have had us what the hell do you think birth control is for
    The sad part is you will never hear our cries you will keep on moving with it
    For we are now children marked by numbers and you’re just another name on our birth certificate!

  12. all of you are sad.its driving me mad.your living and beautiful im ok with that.but you all must stop.god made you the way you are and to me thats a shining star!

  13. Tenderly I gaze
    Now your eyes are my heaven
    Love forever sits
    So softly on your sweet lips
    Angelic laughter lives here

  14. Hold me tight and don’t let go,
    let me know you’re there.
    I love you more than you could know,
    and more than you would care.
    But maybe if you stuck around,
    You’d come to terms and see:
    That one plus one may equal two,
    but so do you and me.

  15. The Rose

    Pluck a petal,
    Can he love me?
    Raised to my lips,
    Then soaring on the wind
    It blushes and drifts on goodbye.
    He loves me not.

    Pluck another,
    Will he love me?
    Dangled over the brook,
    Then unleashed into the current
    It dips and floats on farewell.
    He loves me not.

    Oh, the faith in a rose,
    To tell what we refuse to hear.
    Divulge a secret,
    Unveil a story,
    Perhaps the rose is just a rose
    To collect the dew,
    And paint the hills,
    Nature’s gypsy, thus emerged.

    Pluck a petal
    Does he love me?
    Fastened behind my ear,
    Then brushed from behind
    It glides to the earth and I turn to see
    My place of thought, discovered.
    He loves me.

  16. when your time is up

    I am falling so deep,
    I cant climb up
    How where can this?
    So many questions.
    So little answers.
    Scream but no sound,
    Heart but no soul,
    Mind with no thoughts,
    Falling so deep .
    Slower and slower ,
    I breath ,
    Laying in the middle of no where I,
    I, me ,myself
    I fell in.

  17. Thoughts, locked away. Wishing to be set free.

    WIthout the courage to escape, they wait.


    Ban together and rebel against an unconcious mind.

    A heartless attack of secluded memories.

    Capture the mind and torture.

    Until they are freed.

    Then the mind is freed.

    My mind is a prisoner of words unsaid.

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