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  1. My memories do not go back to when I was born so we start we my Dad well his not my dad but this is where it begins,
    Big Bob was my real mum & dad drug dealer this is how I end up with him, I was 5 big b give my parents I lot of weed and speed to sell and my parents being users them self’s got so hard there called around shady Pete the hard drug man to get higher. Pete got them E’s and coke that much to keep a nightclub going. So the party start and ended to fast I go to watch this and will never forget it! Seeing your mum and dad get so high there kill them shelf why I will never know. I found out years later there died and big bob never found me for three days and took me in not sure why maybe to pay back all the money my parents lost in them days. So now big bob is my dad soon im under his wing and learning the drugs world the first thing I remember in my drug school was never take your on stuff, mix with safe stuff a dead punter will not pay the bills. So now Im 12 and I get to find out the darker side of big b if you do not pay you will. the back room was a sound proof room with was around 12ft by 9ft which look like a thing out a dark ages torched room. The windows was bar up and blacked out there was a running machine with spikes at the end it in the corner, a old bed fame hook up to the mains and then in the middle the chair. The first time I saw the room I asked big b what it was he called it the cash machine because it all ways pays out. He also went on to say soon I show you because this will be my job one day I was glad to think I was going to be the head of the business one day. Big bob did tell me around eight at the age of 13 he will stop paying for my stuff and I must work for it I was well off the best things in life and he even let me go to school, school was great. I was king but soon it would be over high school start soon and be people from all over the city not just the area. Will it be hell or haven for me we will see? School start just after my 13 birthday I found out just a couple a weeks in that this was a lot harder then primary school and I only knew big bobs rules and these do not work in the real world. Then it started to be easy I was the man again I start selling stuff fags & drugs the lot a made a mint. the older boys try it on then big bobs rules started working more, it start with the fag boys terry was the head of the gang they had a gang name think it was the rocks. There said they was hard as rock it shelf I say it was blackpoll rock because when u hit it hard its falls apart. This is what happen terry did not like me stepping on the rocks shoes me selling my stuff around school there action was down terry was pissed. He send his best boy after me one-eyed Craig, just a year ago Craig lost his eye fighting a dog for money at the age of 14. The dog was a pit-bull and bite Craig eye but Craig still carried on Craig family was pikes and he was the oldest so he had to be the best he was 5ft 9 and about 5 ft wide and as hard as the comet that took out the dinosaurs. I was 13 and around 4 ft 0 and look as if I could not fight my way out of a paper bag. The fight was on!
    Craig jump me on the way home the gang was close behind I got a shock when it start hit to the back of head and I was down I was not sure how to win then big bobs rules start to work. If you down do not get up till you ready and know what’s next then I seen it a brick on the floor I picked it up. then sprinted up and hit Craig on the side of the head down he hit the ground blood pumping from his head I laugh and shouted who next which one of you fag boys next. Come on I got a great rush I loved it then the red mist came next thing I remember I was holding a bar and six lads was on the ground. Terry was the last one stand just crying at the sight of his friend’s blood all over me and the ally way, come on you the king of the fags come fight me but he ran off. I got back home big bob was there and seen the blood over me what the fuck he jump out his chair I kill them I laugh dad it the fag boys they found out who the king is that my boy and give my beer. I then went on to tell him of the rush of beat the fag boys up gave me I loved beating them dad I love it I want to fight how I can fight more. Big bobs then told me about a group of football fans which liked fighting and pointed me to the main man of the group called the legion gray was his name and he was an old friend of bobs and sign me up the first fight was great I hated the games but the meets was the best. The gangs of football fans could be hard to little fags and I would wipe the floor with anyone I would knife the man or brick them and just loved it I would stop until I was like a blood bank.
    I was in the legion and I was now called the hit man because I could take out anyone. A year went on I was the hit man games would come and go I wanted more. bob ask me for help it was my fault I was play fighting with him and broke his arm now he couldn’t work and it was my job to step in. so bob told me this guy in the back room owes the business money. We need it back that is your job the boys say you good fighting but this is what I need you too go in there not beat him just make him talk. How I said how I leave that to you my son. Bob then gave me a hunter’s knife this is your tool use it well. I walk into the back room there was a naked man I remember him as rod a local wide boy drug dealer got in debt with us. Bob had beat him but not bad I walked in then rod had the cheek to start pissing him shelf laughing
    This made me mad so I got my cock out and pissed all over him now who laughing I shouted ha-ha. I went back to my kitchen and put the kettle on tea always made me chill I then put the knife on the over heated it up. I had my tea then I picked up the knife said bob you a girl east enders and laugh again then walked it to rod tea and knife in hand what’s that he says tea not that this is the answers’ what! With that, I put the hot knife on rods bollacks and he screams like a baby that f hurts it shelf for the first time. Where my money I asked rod shouted out am skit I work it off for u I will let me go with that I walked out when to the fridge and got my squirt cream out and went back in to the room, rod shout out again what’s that for I answer for me I love it . then a walk up to rod a got his knee a put the knife in behind his knee cap and pop it off the man scream out again and the I got my cream and but it in the hole I made a filled it a laugh cream knee cake ha-ha. Then rod passed out I let him rest and woke him around 6 hours later in which I fed him and he said no more I pay you your money then I left it to bob to sort. Everyone knew I was the oldest in my year because I was behind in my education I was in the second year but was 14 and the rest off the kids was 13 but I was behind and bob want me to do well I was ok but not a class around d’s or maybe c . Well I work hard and school and my work I love the legion and I was king of the area bob was so proud of me I was the man. Until a year later I was now 15 and half and me life was about to turn upside down. The police raided the house and arrest bob and me and jess bob girlfriend on a Tuesday I was down the nick but I was lucky I was 15 and a youth boy never been nicked before. I was clean but no one knew who I was bob had no kids but I was here I had no id name but hit man and Dave long bottom a name bob made up and a fake date of birth 26/05/1983. Well son the system does not know you so we need to get this work the sgt said. Then he went of for around an hour and came in and said bob filled me in he may be a criminal but I see a good side in him when he took you on as a son after your parents die. Well we going get social service involved now the take you on and found out who you are. So then I was part of the system I was fosters out to a woman called gill gardener a foster carer she was nice but I was a hand fall. I now had foster brother and sisters and girls start to play a roll in my life. Yeah I may had been a bad boy but girls was not my thing till now I meet Cherri bird an Canadian girl 18 from a place called Calgary over looking the rocky mountains. She was about 5 ft 7 the tall with the best boobs in the world and the nicest arse to. she showed me how to be a great man to make love and the lot kissing talking I was soft and I was a nice guy for a bit until. Cherri meet a boy called rob and like the old boy more he had a car and show her the time of her life. I was mad and beat rob to a inch of his life and the police pulled up I didn’t stop this man took the girl of my life off me the coppers pulled me away and put me in the car I was nicked. I spent three week in jail till the court case start I was gait but the judge was understanding but tuff as this was my first official offence I was offered a deal to sign up in the army. Where I would learn the skills to become a nice man and could control my rage so then I was joining the army two weeks before my 16 birthday on the 17/05/1999 I was off to become a man in the royal signals.

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