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Oct. 31 deadline; essays, poems, short stories or reviews related to Flannery O’Connor

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  1. TREES
    Trees are great,they are beautiful in color. They are homes for the animals, and shelter for people when it rains but,not a good place when it is lighting and thundering.What is your most favorite tree?Would it be a christmas tree? You may not like the tree but I bet you like what is under the tree. Supprises for you and your family.

    Trees are toys for monkeys, they swing from limb to limb and homes for bees to make their honey.What about the jungle, if there wern’t any trees could we call it a jungle?.Proberly not we would have to call it a dessert.

    I like trees because there are so many different kinds of trees especially the fruit trees,we have apple,cherry, orange,lemon pear and many more I did not name.What if we did not have these trees would there be fruit to eat? Fruit and nuts goes together what about pecan, walnut, and all other nut trees?I love pecans , they make great pies, cakes, and candy.

    Trees make great pictures, post cards and is a great place to take a nap on a hot sunny day, park,woods, or in your back yard.Trees are my friend they are great to have that is why we plant them if we don’t have any in the yard.Trees never talk back to you.They are not like people or animals they just stand there no matter what.

    Trees are wonderful I love to go to the country and see lots of beautiful trees. They come in all shapes and sizes.Some with green leaves,brown, and no leaves at all but they all beautiful to me.I can’t amagine life without trees. What kind of world would we have if there wern’t any trees.

    Homes will not look the same without trees in your yard.Since some of us don’t have the white pickett fence let us have trees.Living in a world without trees will be like a human body with no clothes to wear. Trees are important in our lives. This is why we have people that does landscaping for a living. They will make your yard beautiful planting flowers and trees.

    Trees are a gift from God. He created them and every thing in the world. Trees are every where, I don’t care where go in life you will see trees. All over the world you will see some kind of tree.Life is good because we have trees in our lives.Have you ever noticed a home without a tree in the yard? Compare the home without one and you will see the difference it makes.

    Trees are shelter for dogs in your back yard. When it is hot you will find them under a tree.I know some of you may feel that all pets belong inside the home with you but, there are some that just want act right and have to be outside.

    I like trees this is why I decided to write about them.We need them and they need us to take care of them.Trees make life complete. I never thought a tree could make a difference until many, many years ago when I lived in the country my father had a crop. We lived on a farm and had to chop and pick cotton for a living and to have a tree close by to take a break was wonderful.I realize working in the field was not for me.I did not do this very long, I got me an inside job ironing clothes an helping as needed .My family and I was happy when our father decided to sell the farm and we moved to town. I was ok then but,when I finish high school I moved to the bright lights and big city.Those was some good days and I will always cheerish them.

    I can remember driving down the highway one afternoon and I just looked at the different trees.Every where I looked I saw nothing but trees, Some with beautiful flowers, no flowers and some with just green leaves.Trees are somewhat like people they come in all shapes and sizes, and we come in all shapes sizes and colors.

    Trees are used for so many things. What about on a cold night you may want to light up your fire place with logs made of wood.On special occasions you will take out your barbque pit in which you wil use wood chips or coals. Light poles are made of wood.We would be in trouble if we did’t have this material to work with.Wood help light up the world,without wood would we have much light?

    Trees are amazing they are special in their own way. They are strong, they stand a lots of in different kinds of bad wheather. Besides wood their stems supply sap, a sticky liquid that is used to make cork and many other things. Trees provide mankind with many products from heavy lumber to sweet syrup. What about homes, they are made of wood and wood comes from trees. Some people like wood floors,we cant live without trees.I can go on and on about trees for they play a big part in my life and I will always be greteful for trees.
    Written By
    Helen Wilson

    Trees are wonderful I love to got to the country and see lots of beautiful trees.They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small,tall,crooked

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