Need help with your query letter?


Yes, I offer query letter consulting. For $50, you receive:

1. A review of your first-draft, one-page query letter with suggestions/edits

2. A review of a second draft with suggestions/edits

3. Five suggestions for agents/agencies that represent your type of manuscript

I also do consulting on proposals for $40/hour. (checks and PayPal accepted)

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  1. Hello,

    I am trying to purchase your services (query letter assistance), but I can’t figure out how to pay for it. I can’t quite figure out the website, please help.

  2. The comment I’m leaving is first to ask whether this ‘Leave a comment’ section is the place where I “Ask Wendy”, cause I couldn’t find something specifically saying ‘write your question here’… but anyway here is my question:

    What happens when a publisher with a submission guideline of’query only’ receives a query letter that accompanies a manuscript? I would think that way if they’re interested in reading the ms. it’s right there, and if not they can chuck it. Is it viewed as such an affront such that there are audible gasps in the room when the envelope is opened or is the envelope not even opened, based on its weight? Or could it just be that too many mss. clutter the office?

    Seems after reading countless times that editors just want a good manuscript, that it’s anathema to this perspective that a query letter that doesn’t dazzle can’t keep them from reading a book that does. And by not accepting mss. they are hurting the economy due to the lower cost of postage.


  3. Have I got a Q for you. I have this phobia and I truly mean phobia when
    I mention or even think about the Query letter. I think about it during
    the day, I can’t sleep at night because I’m thinking about it and I do
    have nightmares because of it. I have shelved my 37 chapter fantasy
    novel titled The Calling, because of this query letter. This piece of
    paper is so important that it will either make you or break you as an
    Author. Confidence as a writer I have. I know I’m a damn good writer,
    but it’s not me I have to impress and sell too. There is so much going
    on in my novel, with surprised twists, things aren’t what they seem to
    be, shape shifters, war, good against evil, who to trust, who do you
    least expect to trust and a really good surprise ending will take more
    than one piece of paper to do it. Plus I have to include a bit about
    myself with my bio and then the conclusion. All this on one piece of
    paper. How do I do it? I’m being consumed with it and it seems to be the only thing i can think about! Did I mention I have four other novels on the
    burners as well. Please if you can help in any way, ( short of writing
    it for me ) I would be forever grateful.



  4. I wrote you last year after reading your book. I worked on a series of query letter campaigns to find an agent for my book. The theme of the book is about the collapse of the American Education system and regeneration of a entirely new system. I submitted this to over 79 agents, received 14 form rejection letters.

    I am asking your assistance in directing this campaign to the right agency or publisher.

    Here are two paragraphs from the query letter.
    “Public education infrastructure, in the United States, will collapse within the next decade. Out of this collapse something extraordinary may arise and replace it. I call this the PhoenX Event, -the moment the old ways flame out and a new creation emerges.

    It is well anticipated in 2010 another national debate will rage over “public education reform” as the Obama administration pursues its domestic agenda. It will become a civil war- clashing armies of the right and of the left. Any resulting legislative reforms will be a rerun of what has played for decades; a continued decline and lack of relevance in the 21st Century. In my research and conversations I have discovered the essence of what is occurring. Every conscious American citizen will be caught up in the muddle and muck of talking heads, celebrity cable chatter news, and political gamesmanship; they will have to make decision without context and understanding of the disruptive forces in play. “The PhoenX Event” serves to give context and definition to the debate, without joining one polarizing group or another. We hope to fashion the book in such a way to place it in the “current events section” of bookstores, not relegated to the smaller “Education” section.

    “The PhoenX Event” proposes that any reform efforts from the top down will fail; they will be compromised and will ignore the empirical evidence calling for a systemic restructuring. K12 public financed school districts are relics of 19th century agrarian society and 20th century industrial city-state. Most contemporary educational scholars are stakeholders in a social system deeply rooted in past legacy thinking, while visionary innovators struggle against the forces of resistance to any “radical” overhaul. A recent YouTube interview with Bill Gates illustrates how frustrated the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is, after spending millions of dollars with little measured affect. “PhoenX Event” defines the twin processes in play: one of decay and the other of creation. The decay is starting in California and moving across the country. The crisis of decay will open the space for real innovation, seeded from the breakthroughs in the science of learning, social media communities, collaborative governance and digital technologies. As the Internet is transforming the world of commerce, it is also transforming the ways and means of learning for the pre-born child and the retired citizen. The last three chapters of the book will examine what technology forces will fuel the emergence of new systems of education and learning. “

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