FREE contest for YA manuscripts


Nov. 30 deadline; first 250 words of YA manuscript; Info and entry here:

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  1. Respected Madame,

    Following a powerful life struggle (and I also cannot travel much at the moment),I have matured into a writer of grit,passion and indeed conscience.I have already published two books,”Imagine…A Better World…” & “Peace Loving Nations” on my dreams of an egalitarian global order and a classless society.My debut novel “An American Boy” is currently under publication in New Delhi,INDIA.I would now like to participate in the FREE NO-FEE NOVEL MANUSCRIPT CONTEST,IF ITS A WORK-IN-PROGRESS COMPETITION.Please would you send me the details?

    Many thanks and best regards,

    Ms Nilanjana Sanyal
    (An ambassador to Catherine College,OHIO in India;”Women Writing,Lives Changing” Certificate hoder)


    (P)0091-0657-2442765 / 0091 9234620201

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