FREE – Hallmark greeting card contest!


Got a funny photo and card idea? Check out the “birthday for ladies only” contest HERE: (Nov. 15 deadline)

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  1. My Love..

    Every time I see you my heart skips a beat,
    My stomach gets all queasy, and my knees they go all weak. Then my palms begin to sweat, and my mind begins to race ,and all of this happens because of the smile that’s on your face..
    Now for hours and hours I search each day just looking for the right words that I want to say, but then you walk into the room and my mind goes blank, I can barely even move much less think,
    For you are my angle,
    You are my queen,
    You are simply the best looking woman that I have ever seen…

    Forever Yours..
    Austin Reese…

    print this………….

  2. Stormie,
    I tried to email you but the email you left bounced back as undeliverable. You need to email your entry to Hallmark. I don’t run or sponsor any of the contests on my blog, I just post them for my visitors.
    Good luck!

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