Publisher seeks creative nonfiction stories for anthologies


A new book publisher, Dream of Things,is seeking creative nonfiction stories for books on 15 topics. (Similar to the Chicken Soup series) To learn more and/or to submit, go to:

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  1. Hi Wendy. Thanks so much for telling your readers about Dream of Things. I just want to add that we welcome submissions from new writers, and that I’m especially encouraging bloggers to look at their blog posts as possible submissions. I’ve read a lot of posts over the past year that would make great stories for our books with little or no revisions! Thanks again, and Happy New Year! -Mike O’Mary, Dream of Things

  2. Dear Publisher,

    I have submitted a story for your anthology and would like to know if you are accepting submissions of manuscripts for publication as well. My name is Karen Levy and I am an American-Israeli writer seeking publication of my memoir, “My Father’s Gardens” 62,375 word count.

    Thank you,

    Karen Levy

  3. Hi Karen, I’m not really saying much about this yet, but yes, I’ll consider memoirs. Can you send me synopsis and sample chapter? And no, newsletter subscriptions don’t affect submissions, but you might want to get the newsletter to keep up on announcements about anthologies and deadlines.

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