Erotic fiction contest – long stories or book-length


October theme is “Witches and Demons” – June 30, 2010 deadline

Dec. theme is “Naughty or Night” – September 30, 2010 deadline

1,000-35,000 words; prizes and royalties; Info HERE:

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  1. I am a Published Author and I need help on contacting promotiton companies which promote websites. I need readers to go to and purchase my ebooks from my site. Are there such agents for this? Also, I have an author who is very good with erotic greeting cards (I am also an exceptional erotic writer and I can send samples of my our work) and I want to get in on Valentines sales of greeting cards. The cards will be very good for people who do not know how to approach people like at nightclubs, etc., and can be personalized with their telephone numbers or email or any personal contact information inside of the card in case they meet the special person and do not know what to say. When in this situation, they can just pass out the card to the person. We have the idea of also selling personalized greeting cards with the name of that special someone inside of the card. Any suggestions on how we niche this market just right? Any assistance will be helpful. Samples of our work are posted on my site as well as (our charity site). Thanks. Tillie

  2. Of possible interest to Tillie Wells…
    have a look at the blog: which is one of three just starting up. We aim to add a new post i.e. a new part to the continuing story every couple of weeks preferably with a mix of authors. There are also “Criminalities” & the “Contented Sinner” – crime and & a humorous sf tale respectively.
    We’ll be delighted to swap web links with your site and that, of course, goes for AskWendy too.

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