Author seeks true stories


Author Seeking Your Stories

Name: Michele Barak (Book)


“I am currently collecting true short stories for my new book
titled, Our Voice: Around the World in 90 Stories. Gathering
stories from people around the globe, I’ll be showcasing how we
all share a common humanity regardless of race, religion,
culture, etc… united under one human flag. Here’s an awesome
opportunity to get your voice heard and published, without
needing to be a professional writer. At the end of the book,
each storyteller’s identity will be revealed and the reader’s
preconceived notions/stereotypes will be challenged. For
example, the reader may be surprised to find out they share a
common experience from a really funny story written by an
unlikely source… a convicted prisoner. If you are interested,
please query me and I will provide you with topics and
guidelines. The topics are very simple, and ones that anyone can
answer, so that means you! The stories will be 2 – 4 pages long
and 18% of the proceeds will be donated to various educational
organizations. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank

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