Royalty publisher seeking novel-length fiction, short story compilations & nonfiction works


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  1. Hi There WENDY–

    Have a novel-looking for a home,like others out in the vast,turbulent sea of submissions. Curiosity overcame my hesitance to broach you w/a question.
    Could it be possible we are related somewhere back in the dim past?
    I am 89 yrs.-will live to be 100–look like maybe 70 and hopefully have learned to control my tongue-the worst enemy to ones achievement in this ( our given time on this-our planet called EARTH !


  2. Hi Wendy,

    Would a 500 word length query (via EMAIL) be considered long by agents? I have been advised that email queries must be half the size of snail mail queries. Would you agree with that?



  3. Hi Kamran,
    A standard query should never be longer than one page. An email query should be the same (or shorter). You have very little time to catch an agent’s attention – especially by email. When in doubt, make the email query shorter. (Easier said than done!)

    Thanks for the question!

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