FREE SPS Studios Poetry Greeting Card Contest


Prizes: $300, $150, $50; deadline is Dec. 31, 2010; Info HERE:

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  1. Hi Wendy

    I have just had my first book of poetry published with Xlibris publishing in the states called INSPIRATIONS and was hoping to submit the material to you for consideration in greetings cards.
    The contents of the book offers a wide range of poetry suitable for cards as they have been written with such occasions in life in mind.
    I have just had my second book accepted and will be brought out in a series of volumes and will be more contemporary in content offering poetry about the world , animals , nature and people in general.
    I am currently looking for freelance work or in house and hope you can advise me if not suitable for yourselves.
    Although i do not have a C.V. featuring any past experience in this field i can only direct you to my books and the success i am having with them.
    Any feed back will be gratefully received with hope you can point me in the right direction if unsuccessful.

    Best wishes

    Ian Davies

  2. Hi Wendy,

    I have this talent playing with words, I write poetry with love theme and I intend to publish a book WORDS IN THE WIND. I am curious about writing greetins cards too.

    Kindly open a way for me.

    Robert Hanson

  3. Hi Robert,
    As you probably know, poetry doesn’t pay a lot of money. But there are some markets for it, mainly contests, literary magazines, anthologies and greeting cards.

    The best places to get started are:
    1. “The 2011 Poet’s Market” – 1,200+ markets to sell your poetry
    2. The International Directory of Little Magazines & Small Presses (I think the last year was 2009-2010)

    Do a Google search for “greeting card writers guidelines” and you’ll pull up several companies that list their submission guidelines online. I hope that gives you a start!

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