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  1. The Karaoke Bar

    Christie woke up one morning after her jail sentence was over to find her mother waiting for her outside of the jail bars. She was arrested for stealing some make-up and over fifty dollars worth of clothing at her favorite women’s clothing store, Remo’s. She had spent two months before her mother finally decided to bail her out. She learned the hard way that shoplifting is wrong.
    Her mother said to her, “If it happens one more time than I will not be there to save you but I decided to give you some grace because I have been in your shoes before.” Christie’s mother had a bit of a rebellious side too before she was a mother and had been in jail before for speeding tickets. Christie just stayed in silence on the car ride back home. She knew what she had done was wrong but at the same time she was a frustrated broke college student on hiatus for the summer who could not find a job even though she had applied at many places.
    Christie just wanted to look good for her trip to the Karaoke bar with friends that night and had hopes of meeting some attractive men. She knew that the green eyeliner and perfect foundation would bring out her eyes and skin. She bought some expensive dresses. She planned on wearing the fifty dollar dress that night but the sales lady caught her hiding it in her more than averaged sized purse. She froze in fear and turned red and knew her planned night of fun was over and the cops came twenty minutes later to take her away to jail. She called her mother and her mother said that she would have to serve her sentence at the time. Her mother let Lindsey and Emma know that night when they rang the doorbell what had happened.
    Meanwhile, her friends still went out that night deciding that they would not let there friend’s lapse in judgment stop them from having a good time. Her best friend’s Lindsey and Emma went out to the Karaoke bar and Emma met a guy that ended up being her boyfriend. Lindsey did not have much faith in their relationship since they met at a bar and she was right because their relationship ended by the time Christie was bailed out of jail. He just cared too much about his video games, was unemployed, being an immature boy instead of a man. A guy flirted with Lindsey that same night but she did not feel the same way. She wanted a guy who had more in common with her like being a college student and having a car. She at least went on one date with him to see if there was anyway that she would change her mind but there was no magic spark during their dinner at the local Italian restaurant.
    When Christie returned from jail she was glad to be able to go back to the Karaoke Bar with Lindsey and Emma. They decided that it would strictly be a girl’s night only event and that they would meet men in other places. Everyone loved Christie’s voice at the karaoke bar and she came there any Thursday that she did not have homework or a test to study for.

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