FREE – Ballot Press contest for completed books


Any genre; deadline Jan. 28, 2013; $2,000 prize; no entry fee; details HERE:

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  1. What is a Ballot Pess contest for completed books? what kind of book because I am an author who wants to be known I write inspirational books one of by books is to insipre the teens who have been bullied to take control of their life and to stand-up for them selves and love themself first. We are not born empowered, but are born to be empowered.

  2. Let me know if I send the right manuscript The Inspirational guide to put an end to bullying

  3. I am glad there are books out to put an end to bullying. I have a demo CD called bullies it will be on Nashville radio station. It
    starts out like this American bullies whose attitudes is dim will do all that he can to make you fail lives from day-to-day just wasting away

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