FREE Kindle ebook for next 5 days! “FreeK Show” – YA paranormal


For the next 5 days, starting TONIGHT, Amazon is running a FREE Kindle promotion for “FreeK Show.”



When This Camp’s In Session, It’s Not Just Fun & Games. Sometimes, It’s Murder.

The FreeKs are back so, naturally, trouble’s not far behind. Several of the kids have returned – a year older and more adept with their paranormal skills. There’s also a hot new guy, Damon. When he sees Atlanta, with her streaked hair and body piercings, you don’t have to be psychic to feel the electricity.

Just as the group gathers, a body is discovered under bizarre circumstances. It looks like suicide, but when the ghosts from last year show up with a strange ethereal companion, the FreeKs and their adult mentors have to conclude it’s a murder. And they’re being drawn into it.

It’s out of the frying pan into the fire when the murderer targets two at FreeK Camp for abduction and murder. But why these two?

As the victims are taken, new talents and an assist from an unexpected ally all come into play. But the sun is coming up and time is running out.

FreeK Show: Where Nothing Is as It Appears is the second in Bram Stoker Award winner Steve Burt’s FreeKs psychic teens mystery/thriller series for adults & teens. The series (FreeK Camp, FreeK Show) has won 19 international awards including the Paris, 2 London, 2 NY, 2New England, San Francisco and 2 Hollywood Book Festival Awards, the Moonbeam Children’s Book Award, 3 Mom’s Choice golds, 3 Beach Book Festival Awards for Best Teen, the Halloween Book Festival Best Young Adult, and a Next Generation Indie.

Get it here starting tonight:

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