Bitterzoet Magazine seeks micro fiction and poetry

Bitterzoetmag is a new independent magazine (found at looking for new poetry, fiction, and artwork to compliment its online zine and print editions, as well as its mini chapbooks.

Regular Submissions:

“We seek writing that will make us salivate. Words that will make our stomachs growl. We want engorging work that satiates our minds in its reflection of life. Like the title of our beloved magazine; we especially want to see the interplay between bitterness and sweetness; light and darkness, salvation and damnation. If your writing paints a dark cavern, show us the matchstick. If it speaks to the large macrocosm of life, let us see it through a pinhole lens. We want pieces that teeter; balancing on the paradoxical and undefined. We want work that we can’t pigeonhole; defying labels and societal expectations. Give us the tart wine, the honeyed poison. Our favorite part of consuming chocolate is the sweet aftertaste that follows the bitter bite.


We accept all submissions through our Submittable page here.


A bonbon is a French term describing small sweets such as soft nougat, fondant, fruit, or nuts, enrobed in chocolate. They are commonly presented in delicate wrappers and elaborate boxes. Literally meaning “good good,” bonbons are the epitome of catered indulgence and traditional romance. In a literary/print sense, think of Bitterzoet bonbons as mini chapbooks. A small taste of the work of an individual artist; enough to intrigue; tantalize, and leave one hungry for more.

They will highlight the subtle flavors that will make your box of chocolates a taste sweet unto its own cohesiveness. In short, we want delicious, delicate poems, fiction and creative art pieces that we can present in the form of a small chocolate sampler, to unleash upon the world. We want savory work; work that will satisfy and surprise our intellectual and creative palettes without overwhelming us; a taste of the delicate and the dark.

We accept all submissions through our Submittable page here.

For questions please contact us at anytime!”

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