Fun, free very short story contest


The 3rd Annual Epeolatry Contest; deadline is Sept. 16, 2013 at 5:47 a.m. (Pacific); details below and here:

Submission Guidelines 2013

Hooray, epeolatarians! We’re in our third year, I just had my second child this past April, and now I’m about to turn 35! What does that mean for you? The worst prizes ever to come out of a writing contest, most likely (have you ever tried to knit with a colicky baby?), but it means it’s another chance to flex your bulging, buxom, … wait. What’s the theme?

“Sexy, Not Sexy” or “This Isn’t Romance” or “I’m Not in Love”

Inspired by a list produced by the Calgary Association of the Romance Writers of America (CARWA?), you’re to take 15 words from their collection of the sexiest* words and write a 600 word short story.

The catch? It can’t be sexy. No romance, no erotica, no sensual situations. Yep. 15 steamy words, without the salacious story.

Send entries to by the deadline, complete with any pseudonym and personal or professional link you wish to use. Please put 2013 EPEOLATRY SUBMISSION in the subject line.

*Please note, the judge quibbles over several of the words deemed sexiest, as some require context, and some, like jealousy, aren’t sexy at all.


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