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Need help with your query letter?


Yes, I offer query letter consulting. For $50, you receive:

1. A review of your first-draft, one-page query letter with suggestions/edits

2. A review of a second draft with suggestions/edits

3. Five suggestions for agents/agencies that represent your type of manuscript

I also do consulting on proposals for $40/hour. (checks and PayPal accepted)

New question for Ask Wendy



When writing a query letter for a magazine is it a good idea to do brief interviews before you get the assignment?





My personal preference is to not interview people in advance, but rather to LINE UP interviews. You can explain to potential interviewees that you’re pitching an idea with no guarantee that the article will be assigned, and that you’d like to list  them as your “experts” in your query letter; experts you will interview if the piece is assigned.


If you do decide to interview the people in advance, make it a pre-interview scouting session (scouting for information and direction for the article, and to make sure you’re using the right experts). Otherwise, a two-hour interview that never turns into a story could leave you with a disappointed (or even mad!) expert. 


Hope that helps!



Need a writer, editor or proofreader?


Need a writer, editor or proofreader? 

Lauren Holder Raab provides freelance writing, editing and proofreading services, primarily for authors and literary publications. Projects include books, magazines and websites. For more information, visit

Detailed interview on query letters!


On Friday, May 8 Victoria Mixon will host her interview with me on her blog, 

The focus is mostly on fiction query letters, but feel free to stop by and ask questions on anything related to queries (magazines, nonfiction books, proposals, etc.)

Want to get get published? I’m doing a radio show tomorrow


I’m doing a radio show tomorrow – talking about query letters (getting an agent, book deal, magazine credits): (5pm mt/4pm pst)

Ask Wendy – The Query Queen: What are “fillers”???



What are fillers and how much do they pay?

New! January 2009

New! January 2009



Fillers are those little snippets and one-paragraph factoids you often see in consumer magazines. Sometimes they run them next to larger articles (almost like sidebars or “Did youknow?” blurbs), sometimes they’re scattered throughout the magazine, and other times they’re listed in groups in their own section. A magazine like “Woman’s World” might run a whole page of tips from readers (“I clean my toilets with denture tablets because it’s cheap and safe for my dogs to drink from the toilets!”) and pay $25 or so per idea. I used to write short blurbs for “ePregnancy Magazine” on newsworthy pieces of interest to pregnant moms. The pay wasn’t much – I think $15 for 100 words or so – but each one only took me about 15 minutes, so that’s $60/hour. Other than greeting cards, fillers might have the highest per-word rate of all the types of writing you can do as a beginner. (Ad copy writing pays great per word too, but you usually need more experience.) I highly recommend trying your hand at fillers. It’s great, easy money and you usually get paid faster than you do for longer pieces like feature articles.