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Need a writer, editor or proofreader?


Need a writer, editor or proofreader? 

Lauren Holder Raab provides freelance writing, editing and proofreading services, primarily for authors and literary publications. Projects include books, magazines and websites. For more information, visit

5 Q’s with Wendy on freelance life


I was just interviewed by Susan Johnston of the Urban Muse Writer. She asked me about common mistakes writers make, staying organized and motivated as a freelance writer, advice for other writers and more. Read the interview and then sign up for The Urban Museletter to get your monthly fix of writing tips and tidbits. It’s good advice; Susan has written for The Boston Globe, The Christian Science Monitor, SELF, and Yahoo! HotJobs, among other places. She also teaches and does copywriting. Here’s her other Web site:

3 Reasons you’ll feel the pinch in your pocketbook if you don’t find the fun in queries


Today I have a guest blog on Editor Unleashed. (Maria Schneider is the former editor of Writer’s Digest mag and now offers independent services to authors/writers) a

It’s titled, “Hate writing query letters? You’re not alone”

Sunday 2/8: Where’s Wendy (blog) book tour today?


Today you can find me on…

1. Gary Unger’s (author of “How to Be a Creative Genius (in five minutes or less)” blog:

NEW! Jan. 2009

2. Blog for Grammar Queen Jane Straus:

3. Robin Mizel’s “Treated & Released” blog:

Where is Wendy on (blog) tour today?


Today you can find me on…NEW! Jan. 2009

1. Stop by and post a question for me (or for the hostess, Grammar Queen Jane Straus) on:


2. Check out my Q & A on Robin Mizel’s “Treated & Released” blog on: