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Paying market for women


(NOTE FROM WENDY: I ran this in Feb. 2011 but it’s worth a repeat)

“Sasee” pays for a variety of pieces, including articles 500-1,000 words, essays, humor, satire, personal experience, etc.; Writer’s guidelines HERE:


Writers’ Haven open to submissions


Buys articles, commentaries, translation, travelogues, essays, poems etc. See themes and details HERE:


High paying market for short stories, articles, & activities for kids 9-14


Odyssey is a mag for 9- to 14-year-olds; pays $.20/-$.25/word for fiction, articles, activities, etc; details HERE:


Paying market for articles about writing


Moira Allen, the editor of Writing-World.com is seeking quality how-to articles on the craft or business of writing. Between 1,000-2,000 words. Pays $.05/word. Be sure to read her guidelines carefully HERE:


The diversified writer


There’s some controversy on this issue. Some writers swear the only way to make money is by creating a name for yourself in one particular area (travel writing, romance novels, food writing, etc.) I can see where this would help you develop a platform and a following (“When’s your next romance novel coming out”) but at the same time, I can tell you that I make my living (and fight boredom) by diversifying. Here are just some of the ways I make money: articles, essays, reviews, short stories, poems, greeting cards, copywriting (products, brochures, Web sites), press releases, book editing, magazine editing, ghost writing and books.

Would anyone like to share how they make money – in a niche or by being diversified?