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10 QUESTIONS FOR…Brad Berkowitz, author of “The 21st Century Guide to Bachelorhood”


Author interview with Brad BerkowitzBrad Book PhotoBook Cover

1. Tell us about your latest book.

My book, The 21st Century Guide to Bachelorhood: Lessons Learned Over 20 Years is a funny, but poignant look at dating from a guy’s point of view. The book is a practical, sometimes hilarious, guide to being a single guy and describes why guys do the things they do. The book will show guys the best places to find women, how to prepare for a date, the common pitfalls of a relationship and the things to avoid in relationships.

2. How did you get started as a writer?

I have had many interesting and funny dates in my life. Friends told me that it would make for a funny book so one day, I sat down, and started to put my thoughts together. I decided not to make it a book about my dates, but about the things I have learned along the years.

3. What does a typical day look like for you?

I used to be a Wall Street analyst/trader, but left the business in September 2008 thinking the economy was going south and along with it, the stock market. I had been working on Wall Street for 22 years and wanted a change. I had been working on 3 different books along the past ten years, but just never had time to finish them. As a goal, I have decided to finish all three this year. The first was published in February and my publicist begins work on it on Monday. The second is a book about the life of 3-time world champion boxer Iran Barkley. The third is a science fiction book.

I have also been working as the Director of Business Development for a sports marketing company.

4. Describe your workspace.

I work from my apartment at my desk in the corner. I have everything I need here.

5. Favorite books (especially for writers)

I have always enjoyed Stephen King books.

6. Tell us 3 interesting/crazy things about you

a) I used to co-host a sports television show in Manhattan for fun for six years. I have met many interesting athletes and have some funny stories about them.

b) I drove a car in then VP George Bush’s motorcade when he was running for President. It was a great experience, even though I didn’t vote for him, driving along the streets of Manhattan with all the people watching.

c) I went shark cage diving a couple of years ago for Great White Sharks

7. Favorite quote

“No one’s gonna really be free till nerd persecution ends”

8. Best and worst part of being a writer

Best: I am my own boss. I work when I want to. Worst: Lack of personal interaction. Getting into the proper mindset to write.

9. Advice for other writers

Learn about how to get a publisher. Do as much research as possible. Write an outline before you write the book.

10. Tell us a story about your writing experience. 

I saw a guy on the subway reading my book and laughing. I asked him if he liked it and he said the book was very funny. When I told him I wrote it, he didn’t believe me since I have a stock photo on the cover.

Where can people buy your book?

My book is currently available on line at Amazon.com and BN.com. The reviews have been very positive. My author website is: http://136084.myauthorsite.com/