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For traditional and self-published authors


My friend Michelle Vandepas is doing a FREE call for authors interested in becoming a bestseller on Amazon:


She’s also offering a screaming good deal on author websites as a way to give back to Hurricane Sandy victims:


Michelle has taken over 20 authors to bestseller status this year and she has tons of testimonials from happy clients. Her prices start at just $495 (compared to the thousands that others charge) and she can also consult/coach/teach others to do their own launch.


Call for novel-length romances


Sourcebooks accepts unagented submissions; should be 90,000-120,000 words; all subgenres welcome; details HERE:


Publisher seeks fiction and graphic nonfiction

Myriad Editions (based out of the United Kingdom) is seeking manuscripts to publish as books. Novels must be COMPLETED.
For info on how to submit, visit:

AuthorIsland.com – tons of free contests to win books



If you’re an author wanting to promote your books, check out AuthorIsland.com

If you enjoy reading books, head over to see all the contests (link I pasted above) and win some books!

Cool authors to be featured this week!


May 14 (Thurs) Daniel Smith (“On the Job: Behind the Stars of the Chicago Police Department”)

May 15 (Friday) Carole Brody Fleet (“Widows Wear Stilettos”)

May 16 (Sat.) Carolyn Banfalvi (food-wine guides to Budapest and Hungary)

May 17 (Sun) Praveen Puri (stocks/trading guide)

May 18 (Mon) Chad Corrie (fantasy 4-novel series about The World of Tralodren®

Want to get get published? I’m doing a radio show tomorrow


I’m doing a radio show tomorrow – talking about query letters (getting an agent, book deal, magazine credits): (5pm mt/4pm pst)


10 QUESTIONS FOR…multi-book nonfiction author Judy Colbert


Author interview with Judy Colbertjudysmalltempersmall1

Judy Colbert is a native of Washington, DC., who now lives in Crofton, Anne Arundel County, Maryland. She writes travel guidebooks about neighboring Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware, and wrote a guidebook to DC for children. She’s also written about Super Bowl trivia, divorce, temper tantrums, and career opportunities in travel. She has two married daughters, one of whom lives about 45 minutes away and two perfectly wonderful daughters so Judy can have a grandchild fix almost anytime she wants.



1. Tell us about your latest book.

Latest book is “Temper Tantrum Common Sense Handbook” about how to prevent, stop, and live with tantrums. It’s an e-book, available at www.TuffTurtle.com/tantrums.htm or as a Kindle from Amazon.com. Tips are given about dealing with children (and it could apply to adults) when shopping, dining, traveling, bedtime, and other popular tantrum spots and times.

2. How did you get started as a writer?

Started in fifth grade. I’ve always enjoyed being the messenger, the go-to person when someone has a question.

3. What does a typical day look like for you?

No typical day. Usually up by 5 a.m., get some work done, read the paper, maybe take a nap until the first phone call (so decadent), then work. Sometimes I’m sending queries, sometimes answering fact-checker questions, sometimes writing. I try to take a nap sometime in the late afternoon if I’m not on deadline. Jeopardy! is appointment TV. I’m usually asleep by 11. On the days when I travel, I’m up early to catch morning light photographs and stay up until twilight photographs are taken. On deadline days, I tend to work a couple of hours, nap for an hour, work a couple of hours, etc. I lose track of days and time until the project is finished.

4. Describe your desk/workspace.

Think of a black hole for papers, reference books, notes, and then double or triple it. When it takes longer to find what I need than it does to process what I need, then I know it’s time to file. It should be easier with electronic filing, but it hasn’t been, yet.

5. Favorite books (especially for writers)

Quirky reference books, Grand Illusions, Have a Nice Day – No Problem! A Dictionary of Cliches, Reverse Dictionary, http://www.expertclick.com

6. Tell us 3 interesting/crazy things about you

I talk to strangers in elevators, I have my SAG and AFTRA cards so I work in movies & TV shows that are shot in the Baltimore-DC area, I want to be a clue in a crossword puzzle.

7. Favorite quote

Writers don’t lead linear lives.

8. Best and worst part of being a writer

Being alone so much.

9. Advice for other writers

If you’re interested in something, odds are good that someone else is. Go for it.

10. Tell us a story about your writing experience. 

Serendipity. I was on a media trip to Miami Beach and talked to Shifra Stein, one of the other writers, who thought her publisher would like to talk to me about writing a travel guide book. I pitched Maryland, the editor said she wanted Virginia, I said I’d love to do Virginia. Everything else has come from that conversation.

Where can people buy your books?

Temper Tantrum Common Sense Handbook can be purchased at

www.TuffTurtle.com/tantrums.htm as an e-book or as a Kindle at www.Amazon.com.



Freelance assignments accepted



Watch for these upcoming author Q&As this week!



March 18 (Wed.): Tim Warneka (black belt/leadership books)querybook

March 19 (Thurs): Linda Bilodeau (mainstream/romance)

March 20 (Fri): Susan Rosson Spain (Young Adult and children’s books)

March 21 (Sat.): Karen Sherman (how-to/inspirational)

March 22 (Sun.): Alma Bond (biographies, novels, children’s books, mysteries)

March 23 (Mon.): Frank Say (psychological thriller)

Like to write poems? Want to win books?


Like to write poems? Want to win books? My friend Sage is doing her Amazon Spike Day on March 17 for her new book, “Writing the Life Poetic: An Invitation to Read and Write Poetry” (Writer’s Digest Books). You can also win a a consultation with Sage. All this is on top of the fact that you’re getting a FABULOUS book! Here’s all the info:         http://tinyurl.com/aezbo5