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How long can a writer go w/out checking email?


For me, not very long. Probably 10 hours max, and I’d have to be sleeping for most of it. I’m headed to Denver tomorrow for a biz trip and won’t be able to check email until around 10pm. I think I’m having an anxiety attack. It’s especially tough if you’re juggling clients – the ones who want you to be available 24/7…or at least 9 to 5. What’s the longest you’ve ever gone w/out email and how did you feel?

working on the weekends


When you’re a freelancer, it’s hard to tell clients no. Your income often depends on it. I have two young children (1 and 3) and since they go to daycare during the week, my weekends are reserved entirely for them. Or are they? I still find myself sometimes working to meet my clients’ demands. “Going to print on Monday” often means proofing magazines or writing last-minute ad copy on the weekends. Sometimes even calling clients. How do you set boundaries with your clients?