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Need a writer, editor or proofreader?


Lauren Holder Raab can help with your projects! She provides freelance writing, editing and proofreading services, primarily for authors and literary publications. Projects include books, magazines and websites. Check out her website, www.laurenholderraab.com, and tell her Wendy sent you.

Here’s a review of Wendy’s book on Lauren’s site:


“How to Survive as a Writer During a Recession”


Marcia Peterson has a collected a great bunch of pieces to answer “1 Big Question” (her words) about how to survive as a writer during a recession. Yes, I’m quoted in the article, but that’s not the only reason it’s a great read! ; )


What’s a typical day for a writer?


A typical day for me has me bouncing back between projects. I’ll usually spend the first 20 minutes of the morning doing laundry, dishes, eating breakfast, etc. before settling in to check emails. Once all my emails are responded to, I’ll begin work on editing a magazine, writing articles for a PR client, or contacting advertising clients to work on their ad copy. When a magazine (that I edit) gets close to deadline, I often find that much of my day is spent “managing” rather that writing. That is, shuffling emails back and forth between clients and designers, keeping the publisher up to date, trying to fill last-minute holes, etc. I rarely have a “slow” day, but when I do I try to work on my Web sites…and now, my blog.