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FREE – Vocabula Well-Written Writing Contest


Deadline is May 31, 2013; 200-500 words; cash prizes; first entry free; short stories and nonfiction; details HERE:


FREE fun photo caption short-short story contest!


Mitch Lavender is holding a very cool contest!

In 101 words or fewer, write a caption / flash fiction piece for the stunning photo on his website:


Contest closes April 1, 2013. The winner gets:

– a retail version of Office 2013 for Windows (valued at $219)

– a well-used paperback copy of Stephen King’s book, “On Writing” with all the good parts highlighted! (NOTE FROM WENDY: This is one of my favorite books of all time!)

– a copy of Mitch’s book, “Untrue Stories, Volume One – It Didn’t Happen This Way”

Free flash fiction contest with iPad mini and $500 prize


Best-selling author James Patterson is behind this one. (Be sure to check out “The Kiss” in his Witch & Wizard series); deadline is Feb. 26; 500 words max; details HERE:


FREE flash fiction contest: “Museum of Words”


$20,000 prize; 100 words or fewer; deadline Nov. 23, 2012; details HERE:


Free fiction contest – Bulwer-Lytton


deadline is April 15, 2012; 60 words max; worst opening line; details HERE:


FREE Switchback writing contest


Monthly contest with no entry fee; poetry, fiction, nonfiction under 500 words; The March prompt is “Three men walk into a bar.” deadline is March 31, 2012; details HERE:


FREE flash fiction contest


100 x 100 – One hundred short shorts, one hundred words long; 100 words exactly; no entry fee; deadline is June 1, 2012; details HERE:


FREE flash fiction contest


Write While You Wait Contest. 150 words max; free to enter; $25 prize;  They should include these five words/phrases: hullabaloo, contest, hurry up and wait, kimchi, beer. Deadline is February 29, 2012. Details HERE:


FREE writing contest


From Wendy: I just received this email from Alex with Scribophile:

Television is a fantastic storytelling medium, and there's much 
to be learned from how TV weaves stories. To enter this contest, 
submit a piece of flash fiction (under 1000 words) inspired by themes, 
character types, plot devices, or any other storytelling devices from 
your favorite TV show. Don't include specific characters or plots--
this isn't fan fiction! First prize wins $100 cash, 2nd wins $50 cash, 
and 3rd wins $25 cash. Your work will be judged by acclaimed 
author Len Kuntz. Entries are due by Oct 31, 2011. Good luck! 
Here's a link to the contest: http://www.scribophile.com/contests/television-show-contest/ 
And a link to our past contests: http://www.scribophile.com/contests/