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FREE greeting card contest!



From Marylin Warner:

Years ago, while I was teaching a greeting card-writing workshop, I wrote a Mother’s Day card. When I showed it to my mom, she laughed and thought it was great (but you know how moms are, so of course she’d say that.)

____________________Here it is:__________________________

(cover art)  Cartoon person wandering in a jungle, looking lost.

(cover message)  100 people were asked this question.  What if you were stranded on a deserted island, wounded, with no food or shelter, no weapons and no communication devices?

Only one person can help you survive.  Which person will you choose?   a)  a hunter,   b) a doctor,    c) a farmer ,   d) a politician,   e) none of the above

Here was their unanimous answer…

(inside message)

d) none of the above

I want my mommie!


Not your card of choice? Well, here’s the good news:  Now it’s your turn.

The third Writing Contest honoring Mary Elizabeth Shepherd begins now.

– No entry fee (never)   – Open to everyone (always)

– First place: $25   Second place: $15   Judges’ Special Award: $10

– Words only: poetry, prose, joke, song lyric (tell tune of song)  Your choice.

Directions:  Write a greeting card message for Mother’s Day for anyone important to you ~ mother, grandmother, wife, aunt, sister, friend, teacher.

Post your entry (only one per person) in a comment box for the blog: http://warnerwriting.wordpress.com.

Sign with your name or initials, general location (state), and your email or blog address.

Contest deadline is 8:00 pm (Mountain Daylight Time)  Mother’s Day, May 13, 2012

Winners will be announced on May 20 and posted on http://warnerwriting.wordpress.com