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Aurealis magazines pays for sci fi, horror and fantasy


stories should be 2,000-8,000 words; pays $20-$60 per 1,000 words; details HERE:


50 travel writing markets for $4.95

[Note from Wendy: Gary McLean just sent this to me. Great deal!]
I am currently updating all of our market lists and adding several new lists. Each market list in our new 2011 series will have around 50 markets and will cost only $4.95.
The first list in this series, “50 Travel Writing Markets”, is available now.
This list is different from my earlier travel market lists in that I have removed all in-flight magazines and magazines that focus mainly on one city or state.
These changes mean there is less crossover with our other market lists and resources.
And 18 of the writing markets in this new list were not in our previous list of travel writing markets.
To order this new market list and for further details please visit:
Gary McLaren, Editor

5 markets for short stories


Third Wednesday www.thirdwednesday.org

Persimmon Tree (women over 60) www.persimmontree.org

Slab Literary Magazine  http://slablitmag.org

The Absent Willow Review (horror, fantascy, sci fi) http://absentwillowreview.com/submission

The Teacher’s Voice www.the-teachers-voice.org