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Several great writing classes with Christina Katz


My good friend Christina Katz is teaching a number of great writing/marketing/publishing classes for writers. The success stories from previous students are amazing! Abigail Green is also teaching a couple classes on getting personal essays published (a Level 1 and a Level 2 version). Here are a few of the classes:

Christina’s classes:

• Writing & Publishing the Short Stuff

• Pitching Practice: Write Six Queries in Six Weeks

• Discover Your Specialty & Launch Your Platform

Abby’s classes:

• Personal Essays That Get Published

• Personal Essays That Get Published: Level 2

To register, learn more or read testimonials, go HERE:


Online writing classes


Coffeehouse for writers is presenting its new, exciting, interactive online classes for writers seeking to hone their craft and increase their cash!

Classes for scribes of all levels and genres start September 6th.

We offer affordable classes in the convenience of your own home.

Join us for a “stimulating experience”!

For details see www.coffeehouseforwriters.com/

$15 online course! Writing P.I.s in Novels


I took a workshop from Colleen and Shaun this weekend at AuthorFest. They are REAL private investigators and Colleen has written COUNTLESS novels!


October 19-26, 2009: Crime Scenes, Homicides, & DNA ($15.00)
An introduction to crime scenes and homicide investigations (topics include key tasks covered by law enforcement, a general introduction to estimating time of death and types of wounds, and how a PI might be called upon to aid in a homicide investigation). Class concludes with a discussion of DNA, its testing, how it might be deposited by a suspect, and how it’s used in court proceedings. One week, 2 classes, questions answered by email in-between.
>>Registration deadline: October 17, 2009

November 16-23, 2009: Surfing the Web & Digging for Dirt ($15.00)
Ways a sleuth uncovers data, from Internet/database searches to getting down and dirty in someone’s trash. One week, 2 classes, questions answered by email in-between.
>>Registration deadline: November 14, 2009

December 14-21, 2009: Trials 101 ($15.00)
Writing a story with a courtroom scene and need to add some realistic touches? Or perhaps you’re fleshing out a trial attorney, or maybe just want a handle on a few terms for when your protagonist makes a court appearance? This class is an introduction to trials (U.S. legal system), outlining the key players in the courtroom, the history of trials, a few reasons why trials happen (as well as some wrong reasons trials happen, which could provide great story conflict), and ends with several examples of outstanding trials in books and movies. One week, 2 classes, questions answered by email in-between.
>>Registration deadline: December 12, 2009

New online poetry class with author Sage Cohen! Scholarships available!

Hi folks,
I just got this email from my good friend Sage Cohen. She has a new book coming out with Writer’s Digest called, “Writing the Life Poetic” (about how to write poetry) and she’s now offering a class! Check it out:
Have you always wanted to write a poem but didn’t know how to begin? Maybe you’re already writing poetry and want to connect with your muse more often or brush up on your poetic prowess? 

I teach a six-week email class called Poetry for the People that takes poetry off of its academic pedestal, making it accessible to and enjoyable for everyone. Feel free to follow the link below to learn more about the class that starts on March 11–and the scholarship I’m offering, with an application deadline of 2/15. (Scroll down to see info about both the class and the scholarship.)

In the coming weeks, I’ll be creating a Poetry for the People group page and will invite you to join. If you join, you’ll get occasional announcements about future classes. If you don’t, you won’t be hearing another peep from me about Poetry for the People!

Peace and poetry,