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FREE Scribophile contest for October


Just got this from our friends at Scribophile:

Hello from the Scribophile.com team!

Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I wanted to make this month’s contest interesting. The theme is gothic literature, but with a twist. Traditionally, gothic literature can be broken into two genders. The male gothic heavily features the supernatural, often in a struggle with the main character. The female gothic is more about misunderstood circumstance, where the cause of mystery could be supernatural, but it’s more normal with misread situations. The task is to reverse these genders. There’s more to it than man solves Scooby Doo-esque mystery, woman fights ghosts though, so check out our contest page for more info: http://www.scribophile.com/contests/gothtober-contest/

Entry is free. First prize: $50 cash via PayPal. Second prize: $25 cash via Paypal.

Hope to see your entries,

Cassie and the Scribophile gang

Free writing contest


Hello from Scribophile.com!


In honor of the season, we’re doing a Back to School contest. In no more than 3000 words of creative nonfiction, you must tell us your most memorable going-back-to-school moment.Whether you were the student, teacher, bus driver, principal, janitor, whathaveyou, we want to know it! Maybe you decided not to go back to school, we want to know that too. For more info, check out our contest page: http://www.scribophile.com/contests/back-to-school-contest/


First place: $50 cash via PayPal

Second place: $25 cash via PayPal

August Scribophile contest


August’s site-sponsored contest ventures off the beaten path of your typical YA fiction summer romance. In no more than 3000 words, entrants must explore a non-traditional summer romance, be it cyborg/human, alien/human, ghost/ghost, boy/boy or girl/girl, anything so long as it isn’t the typical, bland teen romance. Entries must be submitted by midnight of August 31st.For more information, check out the contest page:


Prizes: $50 for 1st place, $25 for second.


“Two Ways Writing Contest” – May FREE Scribophile contest


Scribophile.com is pleased to announce the Two Ways writing contest. No entry fee.

This fee-free contest has a $50 first prize and a $25 second prize.  To enter, write a piece on any theme which contains both a prose section and a poetry section.  These two sections can be integrated or discrete, but must address the same core story.  Entries must be 2500 words or fewer.

Contest deadline May 31, 2012.  This contest is hosted by Scribophile–a friendly, knowledgeable, and intensive online critique community for writers and poets.  Entrants must create a free account on Scribophile.com to participate.  E-mail entries will not be accepted.

For full rules and guidelines, visit http://www.scribophile.com/contests/two-ways-contest/

FREE – Mad as a Hare writing contest


Scribophile.com; no entry; prizes are $50 and $25; fiction and nonfiction; 2,500 words max; entries must be about personified animals; deadline is March 31, 2012; details HERE: