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The Industry Insider Screenwriting Contest


Can you turn this logline from Randall Wallace, Oscar-Nominated Screenwriter for Braveheart into a killer spec script?
“A soldier returns from an 18-month deployment and finds that the family home is missing – even the address no longer exists.”

deadline is May 15, 2012; $50 entry fee; details HERE:


20/20 Screenwriting contest (first 20 pages)


submit first 20 pages with cover page; prize is Guild Signatory Agency Representation; entry fees are $20 for basic, $40 for expanded coverage; $5 for best first page; deadline is June 20, 2012; details HERE:


FREE – April Scribophile script contest


no entry fee; prizes are $25 and $50; enter first 2,000 words of screenplay, play, graphic novel or other kind of script; deadline is April 30, 2012; details HERE:


Scriptapalooza 14th Annual Screenwriting Competition

Deadline:  April 19, 2012
Prizes:  $10,000 1st place prize, Screenwriting Software for top 30,  $500. for Best in Genre Winners (7 total). Promotion of top 100 scripts for the entire year. Details HERE:

screenplay contest


Nantucket Film Festivals Showtime Tony Cox Screenplay; prize is $5,000 and trip to festival in June; entry fee is $55 regular deadline of March 12, 2012 or $80 for extended deadline March 26, 2012; details HERE: