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Victoria Mixon’s new advice column for fiction writers


*An Advice Column for Fiction Writers*

Yes, I’m going to start an advice column for you guys. It’ll be like Miss Lonelyhearts, only about writing. I will give you some ideas below:

Dear A. Victoria Mixon, Editor: I am halfway through my novel and just discovered my protagonist is a transsexual. This is going to make it very difficult to explain his mother, who has already bought his trousseau. What do I do?

Signed, Startled in Seattle

Dear Editor: When you say, “Show, Don’t Tell,” do you mean, “Everywhere she looked she saw evidence of the total, irresponsible destruction of her selfless love for that stupid bastard, and as she pondered deep in her heart whether or not to leave him and forge a new life with better love with a better moral character, she realized she would never stop wondering where he hid the steak knives”? Or something else?

Signed, P.O’d in Pittsburgh

Dear Ms. Mixon: Whenever I try to write dialog, it comes out sounding like a third-grader wrote it. How do I fix this? Or,

conversely, how do I find a fourth-grader to write it for me?

Signed, Stymed in St. Paul

I hope to unveil the Advice Column on May 1st, /oh, frabulous day./ But I need questions for the first one now.

So please send them in! Be the first to see your question—and its answer—on the new column!

You can submit questions through http://victoriamixon.com or email them to victoria@victoriamixon.com.