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stories wanted for: Chicken Soup for the Soul: Message from Heaven

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Messages from Heaven
101 Miraculous Stories of Signs from Beyond, Amazing Connections, and Love that Doesn’t Die

When our loved ones leave this world, our connection with them does not end. Death takes away their physical presence, but not their spirit, and we often sense them after they have gone. Sometimes we see or hear from them after they’ve passed, giving us signs and messages from beyond.We want to hear from you if you have experienced the other side or received a sign or signal from a loved one who has passed. Has someone who has died come to you in a dream? Given you counsel or comfort? Have you gone beyond, but returned to life with new knowledge, insight, or awareness? Have you intuitively known the moment someone died? Share your true, touching, and astounding stories about messages from heaven or your own experiences with dying and coming back.

This book is for everyone who has a story, whether religious or secular. Please note that since we see many stories about messages from heaven in the form of rainbows, bird, butterflies, and coins, we will only be able to use a few stories on those types of messages from beyond.

Here are some possible story topics, but we know you can think of more:

  • Words of wisdom from a loved one who has passed
  • Personal exchanges with a loved one who has passed
  • Omens or visions from beyond
  • Receiving guidance or lessons from a loved one who has passed
  • Revelations from beyond
  • Apparitions from beyond
  • Signs from beyond from a loved one
  • Knowing the exact moment someone passed

Please remember, we do not like “as told to” stories. Please write in the first person about yourself or someone close to you. If you ghostwrite a story for someone else we will list their name as the author. If a story was previously published, we will probably not use it unless it ran in a small circulation venue. Let us know where the story was previously published in the “Comments” section of the submission form. If the story was published in a past Chicken Soup for the Soul book, please do not submit it.

If your story is chosen, you will be a published author and your bio will be printed in the book if you so choose. You will also receive a check for $200 and 10 free copies of your book, worth more than $100. You will retain the copyright for your story and you will retain the right to resell it.


SUBMISSIONS GO TO http://chickensoup.com
Select the Submit Your Story link on the left tool bar and follow the directions.

Call for novel-length romances


Sourcebooks accepts unagented submissions; should be 90,000-120,000 words; all subgenres welcome; details HERE:


Seeking instructors to teach online writing workshops


Current needs: business writing, food writing, poetry, greeting cards, anthology writing

Instructors can choose to do a 2-day workshop or 4-6 week class; PAID

Details at www.coffeehouseforwriters.com

Author seeks true stories


Author Seeking Your Stories

Name: Michele Barak (Book)

Email: query-fxe@helpareporter.com

“I am currently collecting true short stories for my new book
titled, Our Voice: Around the World in 90 Stories. Gathering
stories from people around the globe, I’ll be showcasing how we
all share a common humanity regardless of race, religion,
culture, etc… united under one human flag. Here’s an awesome
opportunity to get your voice heard and published, without
needing to be a professional writer. At the end of the book,
each storyteller’s identity will be revealed and the reader’s
preconceived notions/stereotypes will be challenged. For
example, the reader may be surprised to find out they share a
common experience from a really funny story written by an
unlikely source… a convicted prisoner. If you are interested,
please query me and I will provide you with topics and
guidelines. The topics are very simple, and ones that anyone can
answer, so that means you! The stories will be 2 – 4 pages long
and 18% of the proceeds will be donated to various educational
organizations. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank