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Wendy Burt-Thomas is the author of:

• “Oh, Solo Mia! The Hip Chick’s Guide to Fun for One” (2001, McGraw-Hill)

• “Work It, Girl! 101 Tips for the Hip Working Chick” (2003, McGraw-Hill)

• “The Writer’s Digest Guide to Query Letters” (Dec. 2008, Writer’s Digest Books)

• “The Everything Creative Writing Book” (June 2010, Adams Media)

Other credentials include more than 1,000 published articles, short stories, essays, reviews, poems and greeting cards. She taught “Breaking Into Freelance Writing” for eight years and has worked as an editor, columnist, writer and PR specialist.

Wendy lives in Colorado Springs with her husband, two kids and Bane the Great Dane. She is a full-time freelance writer, editor and PR consultant.

SEND QUESTIONS TO: WendyBurt (at) aol.com

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  1. In these struggling times, I try to keep my head up, but the water seems to be getting higher than my toes can give me height.
    So my question is, any free advise I would welcome. My query letters are not being excepted, reject, reject, reject. I literally have no money so it would be totally free. My book was edited by way of old school bargaining. I am a painter by trade so I was able to paint for editing.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Taylor Raven

  2. hey just stumbled upon your blog and I like it. I like that you post all these contest so people can get to that they didnt know about. I also admire that you wrote a few books are you self published?

  3. Thanks! No, my books are not self-published. They were with McGraw-Hill, Writer’s Digest & Adams Media.

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