free ebook and tons of sites for freelance writers!


Hi folks,

Trevas Walker was kind enough to share a TON of resources with us. First of all, he’s GIVING AWAY his ebook for writers on Here’s a direct link to the announcement of the Freelance Package:

 Next, here’s a list some of the sites that the book itself compares and teaches about. In the main body of the book you’ll find links to:

The Freelance Sites – for Finding Online Freelance Work (The Main Ones)

1. Elance –

2. oDesk –

3. Guru –

4. Rent a Coder –

5. Get a Coder –


A Great Site for Finding Traditional Freelance Work


In the resource section of the book Traves has added: (Pulls writing jobs from various sources on the web.


Traves says that will soon have some teaching resources for writers, so you might want to bookmark it and check back.


Three notes from Traves:

1. Don and I are working on a series on how to market an eBook (with a slant towards fiction), and Charlee Compo ( has offered to write an article on building a successful writers site (her site gets about 5000 visitors each month).

 2. I also wrote a feature on ePublishing with the help of Chapmagne Books

3. We also have an ePublishing article by Carol North ( posted here:

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  1. Found this post while surfing for answers to my obvious questions, as to which is the best. Thought of adding to the above quite informative post.

    Over the last 6-7 months I have tried many such portals, and marketplaces, even some like where you do reviews, if you are an expert on certain areas and earn reputation and money. One thing though it takes a long time on Helium to build a serious reputation, which probably is true for all other marketplaces.

    While doing what I have been doing also found and a recent player who have freelance writing jobs and freelance translation jobs. These looked promising as they offer free registration and bidding on freelance projects, though LimeExchange suffers from not having a hourly rate or per article, per post kind of model and solely works on a fixed project rate model and not too many projects currently. Odesk has many projects but allows some interesting collaboration features biased towards buyers to know how much work has been done and till when, though in our trade this does not take into account measuring creativity.

    Will keep this as a bookmark and update all with references to my posts for more information.

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