New blog Talk Radio Show for authors and writers



Teresa Morrow of Key Business Partners ( has combined her three passions into her business–reading, writing and connecting with others. Key Business Partners focus is about celebrating writers and authors work through various online promotion methods. Teresa will be starting her own Blog Talk Radio Show called Authors and Writers Conversations ( March 2009. The show is to bring together authors and writers with their audience and give them the opportunity to share their experience in writing and publishing industry.

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  1. Theresa – I represent 167 authors and am always looking for radio shows.

    I see you are starting a new show and I wish you the best of luck.

    What kind of guests will you be having on?

    I have authors who are experts on the writing process, self-publishing, and you name it. May I send you some bios?

    All the best, Fran

  2. I’m excited to discover your radio show for authors and writers. Communicating and connecting with an audience is the best way to let people know what we write about and why.

    My best wishes,

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